FAIM 608: Chapter 6 Slides + Expected Futures Risk Spreadsheet

I’ve uploaded the slides which were not present earlier, so all the slides from yesterday are online.

Also, just a note about yesterday’s spreadsheet on expected futures risk. The spreadsheet is correct. The implied futures price (F0, which is known at time 0) does not change for the three different betas. The expected return changes along with the beta and keeps F0 constant, even though the expected spot price (E(ST), which is not known at time 0) changes.

The team that spotted this point will not have its point deducted. Again, F0 will not change for changes in E(ST), simply because the expected return increases or decreases in relation to the risk-free rate, and ensures that F0 is constant.

If you have any questions on this, feel free to drop me a line.

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