FAIM 608: Quiz 1, OptionsXpress, Etc.

A few announcements, since I’ve been receiving emails about this:

  1. For the quiz tomorrow (Quiz 1), you are only responsible for Chapters 1 to 3. You are not responsible for Chapter 4. We have not covered it in class, yet. For future reference: You will rarely (if ever) be held responsible for something that I have not explicitly covered in class.
  2. I will be going over how to trade on OptionsXpress in class tomorrow. If you haven’t figured it out yet, don’t worry. A week here or there will not affect your grade. I am more interested in your trading philosophy than whether you trade for 8 weeks or 7.
  3. For tomorrow’s HW, you only need to do the Chapter 3 problems (see #1 above).

In class tomorrow, I will be doing a pre-quiz review, going over the Chapter 3 HW problems, and then we’ll have the quiz, and move on the Chapter 4. This is in addition to the pre-class question-answer session at 5pm, which is not compulsory. Show up if you can, and if you have questions.

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