Welcome GMAN 312 students.

I have posted lecture slides, the course syllabus and handouts for the class in the sidebar to the right. I’ll be posting stuff as we cover it in class, and at times, before we cover it – in case I need you to read something before-hand.

As a reminder, you have to complete all problems listed in the syllabus from Chapters 5 and Chapter 6 up to, and including, #61 in the list (i.e., the first 6 problems from that chapter). I will be asking one of you to solve one randomly chosen problem in class. Remember that class participation and assignments add up to 20% of your grade and this is your opportunity to earn those points.

I hope you use this blog as a forum to ask questions, discuss things, etc. in the ‘Comments’ section. These will also function as opportunities to increase your participation grade – although it is not is not compulsory.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions, concerns or comments.

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