An Assignment + Deglobalization (Handout)

I’ve posted lecture notes for today, an assignment (due next Wed/Thurs), answers to last week’s assignment and a new handout on ‘Deglobalization’ from The Economist that we are going to talk about in class. An excerpt:

THE economic meltdown has popularised a new term: deglobalisation. Some critics of capitalism seem happy about it—like Walden Bello, a Philippine economist, who can perhaps claim to have coined the word with his book, “Deglobalisation, Ideas for a New World Economy”. Britain’s prime minister, Gordon Brown, is among those who fear the results will be bad.

But is globalisation really ending? The world’s economies are certainly slowing fast. And the speed and scale of this recession are raising doubts about the assumptions that had underpinned the drive to integrate world markets. At the end of 2008 the IMF said the world economy would grow 2.2% in 2009, less than half the rate in 2007. Now it thinks growth will be just 0.5% this year, the lowest for 60 years. Even that may be optimistic; in the last quarter of 2008, some economies shrank at annualised rates of over 10%. [link]

We’ll be starting the class off by talking partly about this and a few other things as well. See you shortly.

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