Econ 100B: Handouts on the Solow Growth Model

Professor Brad DeLong (the co-author of your text book) has some interesting lecture notes on the Solow Growth Model for his Econ 101B class. While not all of them will be interesting to all of you, #1 is a good introduction to the subject and is accessible to everyone.

Those of you who were skeptical of my explanation on how we reached the steady-state and why the definition of equilibrium in the Solow Growth Model is what it is, might find #2 and #3 interesting. They are both a more calculus-intensive explanation of things, and use the rigor of math rather than the somewhat more vague explanations that we discussed.

Note that none of these are going to be on the exam – these are additional readings.

  1. Introduction to the Theory of Economic Growth
  2. How Fast Does the Economy Head Toward Its Balanced-Growth Path (Math-Intensive)
  3. Two Additional Notes (Math-Intensive)
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1 comment for “Econ 100B: Handouts on the Solow Growth Model

  1. Andrew Ishola
    December 28, 2008 at 5:44 am

    what are the similarities and differences between Solow model and the RCK model?

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