An Announcement for Econ 100B Students (Updated)

Students from Econ 100B – welcome to this blog. I am working on writing up the syllabus for this course, but I have already posted for you:

  1. the first lecture slides;
  2. a (very) rough course schedule, so you have an idea of what we will be doing and when, and;
  3. a link to the text book website.

Note: All posts for Econ 100B will be in the sidebar to the right – below where it says “Econ 100B”.

The text book for this class is Macroeconomics by Brad DeLong and Martha Olney, 2nd Edition. ISBN: 0072877588. The publisher is McGraw-Hill/Irwin. If you wish to use the first edition, you do so at your own risk. I strongly suggest you buy the second edition.

I have kept some links to old handouts from the macro course I taught last semester – feel free to browse through those. I will use at least two of them (maybe some more) again during this course.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send me an email. My address is on the right.

Update (4pm): The syllabus is now online.

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