Tata’s Nano In Geneva

The Indian Press coverage of the Nano is borderline sycophancy, and wholly inaccurate. The headline was ‘Tata’s Nano: High-end version to hit Europe’:

At the unveiling, Mr Tata said that the top-end variant on display could find its way to Europe one day, though there’s nothing planned for now. “The Nano will address global markets in due course but when it will do so has not been decided.”

And when it does, the Euro Nano will be a different animal even though design wise it would remain the same. “We will upgrade the car when we do decide to sell it in Europe or elsewhere—not the design but it will meet all the regulatory and legislative requirements,” Mr Tata said. “The car for Europe and other developed markets will be an evolution of the current model. But that will happen only after we establish the product in India.” [link]

The Nano is probably the only Indian innovation to get mainstream press coverage in the West since the invention of zero. And indeed, it’s quite an invention. But people – know when to draw the line.

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