Another Assignment

I’ve posted the second assignment under the ‘Assignments’ section in the side-bar to the right. It’s below the ‘Handouts’ section – you might need to scroll down.

This assignment is to prepare you for next week’s exam. It has six problems and one bonus problem from Chapters 1 through 4 of the text, covering everything from the six key variables, up to the production function and growth theory. This is worth the equivalent of two problem sets, so is worth two percentage points of the total grade. More than what it’s worth though, it’s critical that you attempt to solve the problems because the long-answer questions on next week’s exam will look a lot like the ones on the assignment.

It’s due before the review session next Wednesday – details of which (time and venue) will be confirmed tomorrow.

A Note on Assignments
Although all of the assignments are worth 10% of your total grade, I will assign stuff that may add up to more than 10% of your grade. I will count the best 10% of that. If you do exceptionally well on any particular assignment (for example, by answering the bonus problems on this assignment), then there’s a chance that you can get more than 10% from the “Problem Sets/Assignments” part of your grade.

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