Cobb Douglas Production Function Data

As I had mentioned in class, I have uploaded the Excel file with data for the Cobb-Douglas production function:

Cobb Douglas Production Function

It can be found under ‘Handouts’.

There are two worksheets in the file, one is called ‘Varying E’, and the other is called ‘Varying Alpha’.

For the ‘Varying E’ worksheet, change the value of alpha that’s there and see what happens to the graph. Also, change the first value of E (in the file that’s 10,000) to something else. The others will change automatically to multiples of the first one (that is, 2 x E, 3 x E, 4 x E and 5 x E). See how this affects the graph.

For the ‘Varying alpha’ worksheet, change the value of E and see how it affects the curves.

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